ESTA Information
[Electronic System for Travel Authorization]

ESTA is an online certification system to inspect travelers in advance who use Visa Waiver Program to enter America.

In the past, people could enter America relatively easily, but VWP was enforced since January 12, 2009 by U.S. Department of Homeland Security that regulates every visitor who wants to enter America must obtain travel permit in advance through ESTA. In addition, every visitor who wants to apply ESTA has to be applied specific passport and VWP. Applicants who uses VWP must check whether they can use VWP before they enter America by ESTA.
ESTA is different with Visa, it is an prior authorization for travel permit.
Therefore, U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends to achieve travel permit at least 72 hours before entering America through ESTA.

Every traveler who wants to enter America by VWP must satisfy all of following conditions.

  • People of country who joined in VWP
  • Visit for a short business trip or sightseeing
  • Have a valid passport
  • Use airplane or ship that is registered by US Government, and have round-trip airplane ticket or ticket of final destination if passing through America
  • Depart within 90 days from entry date
  • Approved by ESTA

Every people who wants to enter America must apply ESTA, if they are from a country who joined in VWP
Also, if you apply ESTA but has been disapproved, you must obtain Visa through US Embassy (Consulate). For more information on the Visa issuance, please contact US Embassy (Consulate).


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