OPENPAY LIMITED was established and started the visa agency service on 2008.
Our Headquarter is located in Hong Kong and has branches over the world.
As an agency, we now handle worldwide online visa of United States, Australia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Argentina, India, Cambodia, and Canada.

Since 2013, the countries above has changed to electric VISA for traveling purposes.
Therefore, we now support customers to apply for electric VISA.

With our experts’ experience, our Customer Service ensures that the customers receive a consistent high standards of customer service, and that all sections of diverse community are able to access an easy way to apply for the VISA application.

OPENPAY LIMITED’s simple online visa application process minimizes customers’ mistakes.
If customers make mistake, unlike the government’s website, we give opportunities to re-apply for free.

OPENPAY LIMITED’s services simplify the impossibly rigid hours and policies held by the government as they are completely incompatible with customer services.

We guarantee secure customers’ personal information with high level of security(SSL) and automatically discard customers’ information when application is completed.
This website only provides convenience for applicants to apply for the US ESTA, and we are not relevant to US Government or US Embassy.

Our website is convenient and easy, and provide the fastest customer service you can think of.

To get your online VISA, apply now with our simplest application form!

Thank You.

OPENPAY LIMITED mail : cs@usestaapply.com